Hi there! Perry here.

This site is a kind of portfolio, you’ll find my resume here, as well as some of my own personal IT projects and experiments.

It’s also a home for the fruits of my various musical projects throughout the years, as well as other projects, such as camper conversions and other things I have created and enjoyed.

It is with great pleasure that I can share that I am now officially a Senior Developer on the Yellow
I'm working on a project at the moment which may potentially involve rendering video in a THREE.js environment. The banner
As part of a project I'm working on right now, I've been looking at this set of SVG effects for
I left the WP Google Maps team last summer after almost four years with the team, having completing a full
I've been collaborating on a project due for launch very soon which involves MapBox and friends, I'm very excited to
I'm looking into DC circuit simulation with a graphical interface as a matter of personal interest. It'd be really nice
I've been undertaking a task recently which requires me to use Docker. I've used all manner of VM's in the
I've released version 1.0.10 of my jQuery-like DOMDocument extension library today. This version fixes a couple of issues in uncommon
I'm very pleased to announce the release of my Split Batch processing library. This library provides a way to imitate
I've just wrapped up a very large project which I've unfortunately been unable to document on this blog due to