Hi there! Perry here.

This site is a kind of portfolio, you’ll find my resume here, as well as some of my own personal IT projects and experiments.

It’s also a home for the fruits of my various musical projects throughout the years, as well as other projects, such as camper conversions and other things I have created and enjoyed.

REST Cache is a plugin for WordPress, which significantly speeds up calls to the REST API. WordPress' REST API is
As readers may have gathered, I'm quite an enthusiastic musician! One of the instruments I have always, always loved the
This animated, 3D model of a pocket watch was conceived as a background for an old portfolio site of mine.
This demo was conceived as a background for a potential portfolio. It never ended up being used for this purpose,
My DOMDocument extensions, which started as SmartDocument and later went into use as WPGMZA\DOMDocument, is an extension of PHP's native
With 14,000,000 downloads and counting, and almost 500,000 active installations at the time of writing, WP Google Maps (by Code
Whilst I am cheifly a software engineer, in day to day work I have worked on many, many websites to
WarHeads, a childhood favourite of mine, was a modern (in it's day) take on a very old format of Artillery
MIDI.js is a small library written for parsing and manipulating MIDI files and data. I wrote this library to work