Pneumatic day

I’ve now got all the parts for the Train Horn Piano and am finalising the build.

The horn rack is assembled, all my compression chambers are assembled with the diaphragms cut and inserted, all that’s left to do now is bolt the horn rack to the frame and connect the pneumatics up – the tank will be connected to a variable regulator which will connect to the 16-way manifold.

Electrical troubleshooting and further testing

I’ll be bolting this together this morning and running some safety tests from a distance, namely, bringing the tank up to full pressure and ensuring nothing bursts. I’ll then double check for leaks and hopefully have time to run some tests with the solenoids under pressure.

I’ve already stress tested the solenoids themselves, after some debugging, I was able to get the unit playing the Circus Galop on the 12v solenoids successfully.

Circus Galop on 12v pneumatic solenoids

As always, more updates will follow.

We are getting very, very close now 😊

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