Hi there! Perry here.

This site is a kind of portfolio, you’ll find my resume here, as well as some of my own personal IT projects and experiments.

It’s also a home for the fruits of my various musical projects throughout the years, as well as other projects, such as camper conversions and other things I have created and enjoyed.

I'm very pleased to announce my new WordPress plugin, REST Query Monitor. You can use this plugin to view queries
I'm working on a specialist tool for a client at the moment which makes heavy use of Backbone.js and the
I don't have a great deal to report with regards to training and my own personal projects at the moment.
I've very little to report in terms of my own projects at the moment as I have some not inconsiderably
My REST Cache is now live on the WordPress.org plugin directory! This cache is extremely fast and is a very
I'm very pleased to log that my REST Cache plugin has been approved by the WordPress plugin team! I'm having
I'm very pleased to announce the formal release of two of my libraries, comprised of three different modules. EventDispatcher Firstly,
REST Cache is a plugin for WordPress, which significantly speeds up calls to the REST API. WordPress' REST API is
I'm very pleased to log that my REST Cache has been submitted to the WordPress.org plugin team, and should have
I've broken my DataTables library into two parts. The server side package no longer includes any JavaScript or client side