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Chiptune radio station launched!

As I’ve been off work for a couple of weeks, I’ve had some headspace for working on personal computing projects. This project is something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now, but also undertaken on a bit of a whim.

After looking at the budget requirements ($60+) for launching a DigitalOcean droplet with dedicated streaming software, I decided that that isn’t really for me at the moment. I like chiptunes and electro, but without any guarantee of donations in the early days, I decided I’m not that invested in having a station.

I did have a spare Raspberry Pi lying around which I’d intended to turn into a digital assistant for my new camper, this has now been repurposed into a 24 / 7 Chiptune radio station.

The Chiptune radio station in it’s case!

The machine is running live-stream-radio, so is able to operate on a shoestring budget. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to that repo. It’s also running a Node, Express and SQLite based Nightbot interface which I developed over the festive season, this currently allows listeners to vote the current song up or down. I’ll expand this to cater for requests and metadata suggestions in the future.

You can tune in now! If the link has expired, please check my channel’s streams.

Most of the content on this stream is copyleft, public domain or abandonware. Any copyrighted tracks have been made publicly available by their respective authors, YouTube handles attributions for these automatically. What a time to be alive!