Bartholomew’s Plan of London – 1907

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been georeferencing some old maps given to me by friends of mine.

This map shows Bartholomew’s Plan of London. It doesn’t have a formal copyright on it, but if I’ve understood the text in the sleeve correctly, this map is 100 years old, it makes a reference to the Great War, “then and now” followed by the years 1914 and 1921.

EDIT: Upon further inspection, this map is actually from 1907! I gather from the sleeve text mentioned above that this is a re-issue, but after some digging around online my brother was able to establish without doubt that this is indeed from 1907.

Use the map type controls in the top left to switch between Google’s tilesets and Bartholomew’s Plan of London. I’d recommend trying fullscreen mode (top right) also.

The cover and insert

More inserts

I have many other maps to georeference and convert to tilesets which I’ll upload in time.

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