Notepad++ as an IDE

I’ve very little to report in terms of my own projects at the moment as I have some not inconsiderably large custom jobs on which have taken up a lot of my time this week, not to mention having to rescue two WordPress websites from malware damage after they were hit by what I believe to be a critical vulnerability in the popular WordPress File Manager plugin.

I’ve just this second discovered a wonderful plugin for Notepad++ named NppConsole. This plugin adds a console window to Notepad++, which is absolutely ideal for watching the status of build tasks such as the Gulp build for Payload.

Using Notepad++ as an IDE

Whilst it’s not really intended for this purpose, Notepad++ has some wonderful features which some of the major IDE’s are lacking.

I’ve used Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code in the past, however they lack some of the functionality Notepad++’s plugin library provides which I use frequently. I’m looking to learn how to use NetBeans in the near future.

I’ve also been asked to help out with the upcoming WP Google Maps 8.1 release, which will be a very major step forward for the plugin. I’ll update my article on the work I’ve done for the WP Google Maps team over the years after the new release goes out. It’s a very exciting JavaScript refactor which will finally get the plugin into full object oriented code, at least on the client side of things.

I’ll post more updates on my own projects as and when I can!

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