REST Cache approved!

I’m very pleased to log that my REST Cache plugin has been approved by the WordPress plugin team!

I’m having some issues committing to the repository at the moment however I believe I’ve got this resolved, it’s not a particularly fast checkout process unfortunately, but that is the only thing holding the release back now. I should be able to share the published plugin in my journal very soon.

I’ve been doing some more freelance customisation this week and running quotes for other small jobs to keep myself afloat whilst I do my training, so I don’t have a great deal to report since my last entry, things are going well though.

I’ve got model loading working well in Payload, and I’ve written a basic particle system. Ideally I’d like to have implemented a 3rd party system so that I didn’t have to worry about that, however after trying Fireworks.js and SPE to no avail, I decided to hand roll one. Unfortunately both these libraries are very old and not maintained, Fireworks was very bloated and uses many properties in THREE.js which have simply been dropped. SPE is a fantastic system however the shaders don’t compile any more. These are both things I’m capable of fixing however it’d be less time consuming just to write my own particle emitter, which is what I’ve done. It meets this projects needs just fine.

I’m very pleased with the results and should have more to show here soon.

Moving forwards, I’ll be sitting a Laravel / Vue.js course towards the end of the month, and have conceptualised a persistent (in the sense of cross-request) iterator for PHP which I’d like to use to fashion a system for bulk, batched processing in small chunks. This is something I’ve wanted to engineer and to use in projects for quite some time now, in the context of cron jobs and on shared hosting where cron jobs aren’t necessarily supported.

I will, of course, keep my journal posted!

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