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Laravel Migration

Today was largely uneventful as I’ve been experiencing issues with the server this site resides upon. After much back and forth with my host, I have a feeling that there’s something wrong with the GD library for their PHP 7.2 setup as thumbnail generation appears to choke the server. I’m now in the process of ruling out other causes of potential bottlenecks until we can get to the bottom of this. PHP 5.6 solved the issue but that’s not really a feasible option considering it’s way past end of life status.

I’ve added database migration to my Laravel setup for the WordPress REST cache I’m currently developing, this worked perfectly, I have an API endpoint set up to trigger installation, which the WordPress framework will need to initiate, I’ll hook that up to the plugins activation mechanism tomorrow.

The UI is largely complete, I did slightly refactor the file structure and DataTables – these are now represented by controllers, and routing has been very much simplified. Unfortunately I cannot post screenshots of this due to the aforementioned issues.

Tomorrow I’ll be setting up WordPress authentication for Laravel, and then a POST route to receive the settings when the user saves their settings from the admin panel.

I’ll also be adding WordPress authentication middleware to the routes which will be used GET and POST to the records and rules table to prevent unauthenticated users from being able to look at the settings there.

As soon as that’s done I’ll have a good grasp on routing, migration, middleware, and dealing with MVC and requests in general using Laravel.