WP Google Maps 8.1 released!

I left the WP Google Maps team last summer after almost four years with the team, having completing a full JavaScript refactor, which I am very pleased to see released recently.

You can read more about my contributions to the suite in this article, the short of it is that 8.1 is a monumental step forwards for the plugin in terms of architecture, flexibility, maintainability, extensibility and reliability.

With almost 500,000 active users and almost 15,000,000 downloads, to say that this is a large ship to turn around would be a massive understatement. Keeping the user base happy, maintaining compatibility with legacy systems and moving the software forwards into modern design paradigms was certainly a challenge.

Huge props to the team, they were nothing short of an absolute pleasure to work with, I wish them all the best with 8.1 and taking full advantage of the new architecture in the future!

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