REST Cache Submitted!

I’m very pleased to log that my REST Cache has been submitted to the plugin team, and should have it’s own repository there shortly, as well as being available for download to the public very soon.

I’ve used ES6 and JSX / React and Lumen in commercial projects before and have enjoyed both, however this is my first public release using ES6 classes and a Laravel installation.

I did actually already have a working prototype of this plugin in December, however I wanted to use this plugin as an opportunity to learn Laravel and work with ES6 classes. I’ve learned how to work with Blade templates, how Laravel’s routing works, had an opportunity to work more closely with the Eloquent ORM and query builder, custom validation and error handling both in the context of web routes and AJAX calls, Laravel’s logging, writing my own middleware, custom authentication, custom exceptions, using Composer and NPM in the context of a WordPress plugin – something I’ve been restricted from doing in the past – and working with Artisan, PSR-4 autoloading and incorporating my own NPM plugins and Composer packages into a larger project!

I have a couple of other Laravel projects in mind, there are also other server side frameworks out there but for the time being, Laravel is the most popular in terms of usage so I’m happy to have made this achievement with my REST Cache.

I’ll be switching to Payload, I’m considering adding Angular.js to that particular project. I’ve already had commercial experience with React, which appears to still be the most popular, however Angular.js does seem to be on an upward trend.

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