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I’ve been recently doing some work with the Lumen framework, which is effectively a slimline version of the Laravel framework.

Lumen’s home page

At the time of writing, I’m not overly familiar with Laravel, but I’m working on a project which requires a REST service to operate as fast as possible with the smallest overheads possiblie. After comparing a few different micro-frameworks, I decided to give Lumen a go.

I’m really impressed with the performance of the framework so far, and found the routing, request handler and query builder very intuitive indeed.

The project requires authentication between a WordPress plugin and the service. Lumen does offer some authentication methods, however for the purposes of this particular project, I’ve used Guzzle and the WordPress REST API at either end to create a basic HMAC authentication to facilitate checking request legitimacy on the micro-service.

I’d highly recommend checking it out at