Linux, Typescript and more

This week has presented some interesting challenges outside of my usual work.

I’ve been working with Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) this week a lot as I work on a small Magento 2 project. Windows, my usual operating system, is not officially supported by Magento 2. It could be done, however for the purposes of this exercise I’ve set up my hardware to dual boot into Ubuntu. This has so far involved getting Apache2, MariaDB and PHP 7.2 set up on Ubuntu, installing the relevant PHP extensions, installing Magento 2 Open Source via Composer, and trying out the NetBeans IDE.

I’ve managed to find a little time to work on my personal project, Payload, which is making slow but steady progress. I’ve found this fantastic camera for THREE.js which supports everything I need for my project, including tweening and zoom-to-cursor, which isn’t something the THREE.js utilities actually offer. This library is written in Typescript. Because the recent zoom-to-cursor behaviour isn’t in the current build, I’ve used the Node package manager and TypeScript compiler to rebuild the CommonJS module, which I’ll be making into an ES2015 browser module soon.

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