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ES6 Event Dispatcher

I’ve worked with Node.js a great deal in the past however I’m relatively new to ES6 in terms of syntax. I’ve not submitted any of my own work to NPM as of yet, so after my initial submission to Packagist, I thought this would be a good next step for my own personal development.

As a very much object oriented programmer, I’m really enjoying finally working with ES6, especially now that the build chain is significantly easier to set up than it once was.

Of course, Browserify and Babel have to be used to transpile anything that needs to run in the browser down to ES5, which is something I will be doing as part of my Payload project – this project is my own refresher course in ES6, Node.js, Gulp, Browserify and others all in one project.

As part of this project, I’ve released an ES6 JavaScript Event Dispatcher class, which will be used in Payload. Before I go any further with this project, it’s getting a full ES6 refactor.

You can see this event dispatcher on GitHub, and also on NPM shortly.