Docker, Emscripten and Doom

I’ve been undertaking a task recently which requires me to use Docker. I’ve used all manner of VM’s in the past but not Docker in particular.

As an exercise today, I decided to familiarise myself more with Docker by attempting to build wasm-doom, which is a WebAssembly port of one of my childhood classics – Doom.

I’ve done Emscripten builds before in a Linux environment, most recently when building the latest version of Kripken’s Box2D with the latest C++ source from Eric Catto‘s repository, but never with Windows and Docker.

I have succeeded in my objective in so much as I now have a better grasp of Docker, however getting Emscripten to build from CMakeLists.txt is proving somewhat difficult.

I’d like to resume this project when I have some spare time. Time permitting, I’ll make a map to use with it, which is something else I haven’t done for quite some time. It would be both amusing to me, and a good exercise, to see this through to completion and release shareware Doom as a WordPress plugin!

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